Supervisor Donald P Wagner's Third District Newsletter
For Immediate Release
Date: August 28, 2020


Stop the Government Overreach: Governor Doubles Down on Lockdown

(Santa Ana, Calif.) — The governor’s erratic response to COVID continues, now using a color-coded system to slow the reopening of California’s economy. Today, Gov. Newsom re-branded his failed phasing system, doubling down on his lockdown. This is not “following the science”. However, Supervisor Don Wagner continues to fight for children, families and the millions adversely affected by the state’s harmful policies.

“The governor’s new color scheme changes some of the metrics we were using yesterday and seemingly abandons others. Where is the ‘science’ behind these sudden moves?” said Supervisor Wagner. “This is a way to slow the reopening of the economy and keep Sacramento’s control over our lives. It is not a way to slow the disease, and it is certainly not based on science.”

“Earlier this week, Gov. Newsom abandoned all pretense of ‘following the science’ and flat-out rejected following the CDC’s latest science-based testing recommendations,” continued Supervisor Wagner.

Supervisor Wagner urges Californians to contact the governor and ask him to explain his arbitrary policy reversals. You can reach the governor's office here: