Supervisor Donald P Wagner's Third District Newsletter
For Immediate Release
Date: February 27, 2020


Cutting Real Time for Real IDs: Supervisor Works to Bring Online Submissions to Orange County DMVs

(Santa Ana, Calif.) — Third District Supervisor Donald P. Wagner has a plan to reduce DMV wait times for thousands of Orange County drivers expected to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles by the end-of-year for a Real ID. The state has introduced a pilot program to expedite the issuance of the new federal government required Real IDs.

The streamlined process cuts hours at the DMV office to under ten minutes online.

Supervisor Wagner is advocating to immediately bring this revolutionary model to Orange County and allow residents to test the system.

“Obtaining a Real ID via the internet is a prime example of government working to serve the people intelligently,” said Supervisor Wagner. “The new electronic platform leverages the convenience of technology, giving OC’s overworked residents more time to live their busy lives, eliminating a complex, time-consuming process,” said Supervisor Wagner.

According to the DMV, over 18,000 people across the state have submitted documents via an online application, bypassing a busy trip to the DMV office to get a Real ID.
By March, 18 more offices in various Counties will allow customers to electronically send two proofs of residency, one proof of identity and one proof of their social security number.

Supervisor Wagner is advocating with the state to implement the beta version now for Orange County residents.

People who wish to travel domestically must have a Real ID by October 1, 2020 — otherwise, thousands of travelers will face being turned away at airports.

Supervisor Wagner encourages the state’s DMV to speed the process up with the electronic beta system here in Orange County in anticipation of the new law set to materialize this fall.