Supervisor Donald P Wagner's Third District Newsletter
For Immediate Release
Date: July 28, 2020


New Outdoor Gathering Zoning Ordinance Gives Hope to Small Businesses

(Santa Ana, Calif.) — Today, small businesses celebrate a new zoning ordinance proposed to the OC Board of Supervisors by Supervisor Don Wagner. The Board unanimously passed the item, offering a win-win outcome: sustaining the economy and protecting the community.

The ordinance grants outdoor business operations in unincorporated commercial and industrial areas to open in parking lots where physical distancing is possible. Supervisor Wagner brought forward the item to help hundreds of people who own businesses keep their doors open.

“Small businesses need all the support they can get,” said Supervisor Don Wagner. “I am committed to helping entrepreneurs salvage what they have worked hard to build. Orange County’s mild year-round climate offered us a creative solution in this case. I want to thank my colleagues for supporting flexible approaches, as our community desperately needs it.”

The zoning exception will last the duration of the County-declared emergency related to COVID- 19, waiving all applicable parking requirements.

*Item is S26B on the July 28, 2020, OC Board of Supervisors Meeting agenda.