Supervisor Donald P Wagner's Third District Newsletter
For Immediate Release
Date: May 1, 2020


Orange County Supervisor Wagner Supports Local Control of Beaches

(Santa Ana, Calif.) — Supervisor Wagner does not believe it is appropriate to create policy based on photos seen in the papers. Governor Newsom did not like images he saw in the papers about Orange County beaches and has chosen to base policy that will affect residents without any input from local leaders, medical professionals, law enforcement officials, or residents. That is not the way to make public policy. Supervisor Wagner asks Governor Newsom to listen to the people, not papers.

The Governor says in his press conference that he wants to listen to local health professionals and work together. Orange County would like this as well. But he has not tried to work with local leaders; he is asking, despite his rhetoric to the contrary, for a “one size fits all” approach. Our health care professionals share that hospitalizations are low in comparison to our population. Our hospitals are running at half capacity. Orange County leaders are using hard science and health metrics to decide the safety of our residents. When Orange County beaches only are to close, Supervisor Wagner believes it is now politics driving state decisions, rather than data.

Orange County residents want to be healthy and have been overwhelmingly responsive to the public health recommendations. Supervisor Wagner urges the Governor also consider the physical, mental, and emotional health issues at stake for all residents. These decisions should be made by the local jurisdictions because the government that governs best is the government closest to the people.

Please contact the Governor’s office and ask him to reconsider his decision to punish Orange County by closing only our beaches.


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