Recognizing Educational Excellence: Irvine Unified School District


(September 5) - Third District Director, Scott Voigts, and Field Representative, Deepak Sahni, visited the Irvine Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Meeting to connect with local leaders and constituents.

Irvine Unified School District Superintendent, Terry Walker, discussed the contemporary challenges educators are facing in the classroom given the rapid onset of new technologies. He touched on how we need to reshape our curriculum today to better prepare for tomorrow's innovative landscape.

Terry reported IUSD's student enrollment is increasing thanks to new housing developments, bringing an influx of families to Irvine's safe and walkable neighborhoods. These families also cite appreciation for the varied enrichment programs Irvine schools offer, in addition to its culture of academic distinction.

A Certificate of Recognition was presented to Terry for his forward-thinking educational approach, as he is working hard to ensure the next generation is prepared for our ever-evolving, tech-fueled workforce.

We thank Irvine Unified for their dedication to a STEAM-based curriculum and for putting our children first.


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